Anywhere there are plants growing, there is medicine. Learn the skills to go out into the wild and confidently identify the medicinal plants.

Certificate Course on Medicinal Plants & Biodiversity Conservation

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Course curriculum

Medicinal Plants, Identification, Taxonomy, Antimicrobial activity, Toxicity, Ecology, Distribution. IUCN Status & Cultivation.

Plant diversity assessment in field, Wetland flora & fauna studies, Carnivorous & Parasitic plant studies, Orchid biology, Sand dune flora, Riverine ecosystem,

Ecological field technique (Ecological index), Phytochemistry, Estimation of primary and secondary metabolites, Antidiabetic activities, Cytotoxicity activity, Species behavioural studies.

Identify and Harvest Wild Medicinal Plants

Herbal remedies help reduce the severity and duration of colds and flu. Know what to have on hand for relief from a variety of symptoms.

Growing Medicinal Plants for Vitality & Energy

Get all the details to be a successful herbal medicine gardener. Learn which plants to grow and dive into their multiple medicinal uses.

Entrepreneurship in a Natural Products Startup

Live your dream of starting your own natural products company. Find your niche, market your product and all steps in between.

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