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NMPB intend to establish herbal garden of various types to popularize the usefulness of commonly available and frequently used Medicinal Plants among the various stakeholders and sensitize the public about our traditional knowledge. It is also a way of conserving Rare, Endangered and Threatened (RET) species of Medicinal Plants. Following kind of Herbal Gardens are promoted under the scheme to create awareness about traditional usage of medicinal plants.

Type of Herbal Garden:

  • Home Herbal Gardens
  • School Herbal Gardens
  • Institutional/ Public Herbal Gardens
  • Herbal Gardens of State and National Importance


  • Government Organizations, Universities, Research Institutes, Government Aided Colleges and Schools.
  • Computerised database of medicinal plants and monographs
  • Non-government Organizations (NGOs), Public Sector Undertakings, Federations, Co-operatives, and Societies including Housing Societies etc.

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