Want to Know How an Easy & Cost-effective Digital Marketing Strategy can help you grow your Herbal Medicine sales in the coming 30 days?

The Global Herbal Medicine Market is expected to register a CAGR of 5.88% to reach USD 1,29,689.3 Million till 2023. Herbal medicines are therapeutic systems using plant materials. Herbal medicines are made up of various parts of plants such as roots, leaves, seeds, flowers, oil, bark, etc. Herbal medicines had been used since ancient times for the treatment of various diseases. By adopting new innovative methods, herbal medicines are now available in the form of capsules, syrups, tablets, powders, and plant extracts.

Herbal medicine has been gaining significance in recent years, owing to the increasing demand for natural medicines. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO), reported that around 70% to 80% of people globally rely on herbal sources for their treatment. Also, according to the American Botanical Council,  it was reported that Consumers in the United States spent an estimated $9.602 billion on herbal dietary supplements in 2019, an 8.6% increase in total US sales from the previous year.

Herbal Medicine Market Growth Stats – in India was valued at INR  4.2 billon. It is estimated that it will be 14 billion by 2026.

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The Digital Marketing strategies for  Herbal Medicine /Ayurvedic products and services are as follows:

1.Create a Website

For the best Herbal Medicine/ Ayurvedic online presence a website is an absolute must in the long run. A website can also be described as the face of your business online. It is essential to build and promote a website for your brand because it is possible that someone else might create a website with your brand name. A website can help you to promote your products and services across social media platforms.

2.Optimize for Mobile

Mobile-friendliness is now considered as one of the major ranking factors for Google. Any business or website that is non-compliant for mobile optimization doesn’t stand a chance as mobile devices are the basic tools for web users these days. Always keep mobile in mind, while designing your business website and SEO strategy.

Although the internet marketing rules on mobile are the same, location is also a factor that is important. Create a store directory on your site or tools that points them to the nearest retailer selling your products, if your products are available across various retail locations.

3.Business Listing

Make sure your workplace, office, or clinic is listed in Bing Business, Google Business, or other business directories. Listing with Google and Bing Business is always free. If you want to increase your brand visibility, you can also consider listing in premium directories if you have a high budget. Contact us, if you are not well versed in business listings. We don’t charge you for this.

4.Start Corresponding Newsletter

In order to generate leads and build your reputation, a definite guide always comes handy. Once you have established a relationship with your customers, a regular email keeps it even merrier. Through regular email newsletters, you can always share the latest news and updates to your loyal customers. You can also inform them about the latest deals that are specially targeted towards them.

It is one of the first and most effective digital advertising strategies apart from being cheaper, faster, and easier. Another advantage of email newsletters is that you can track them unlike direct email because it can be only sent to people who have willingly signed up. Your email structure if structured accurately also allows the recipients to decide how often they hear from you. Giving your loyal customers a heads-up is always a good idea.

5.Online Advertising

Online advertising is the most accurate marketing strategy for Herbal Medicine/ Ayurvedic businesses considering their product related. We were successful in creating a good brand value for one of our clients through a series of digital marketing activities and online advertising platforms like Google Ads that made a huge impact on promoting their Herbal Medicine/ Ayurvedic products and services.

6.SEO Ranking

Your website will fail to rank in Google Search Results if basic SEO elements are missing on your website. Always choose an experienced SEO company that will help you with technical SEO. We have been helping clients in the Herbal Medicine/ Ayurvedic field to improve their website ranking in search engine.

7.Active on Social Media

Social Media costs less than Traditional advertising regardless of a healthy return on investment. Internet marketing for herbal products is usually carried out by ayurvedic businesses. Your loyal customers get involved in the process by sharing a news story, special sale, or other interesting content. This can result in reaching a larger audience than a traditional marketing campaign ever did.

If your social channels are regularly updated and the content is interesting and engaging, social media can be the best tool to build a loyal customer foundation. Always see to it that your content is relatable to the target audience. Ask for their valuable feedback and take some time to respond. If customers observe that you actually care about them as a brand, you will definitely be able to stand out from the crowd.

Basic Tips for Promoting Herbal Medicine/ Ayurvedic Products and Businesses Online

  1. Choose the perfect blend of paid and organic promotions. It may not be the case for other business marketing strategies but as far as the best strategy for an Ayurvedic company is concerned, it is best to opt for organic as well as paid campaigns.
  2. Never feel shy to promote your Herbal Medicine products. Ayurvedic clients often feel shy to promote their business online. Some of the clients think that it is unethical to promote an ayurvedic medicine or clinic. Don’t be shy if your product or service is of high quality. A worthy and trusted digital marketing company will help you to reach out to the right target audience and let them know your products.
  3. Make sure that you publish your research and clinical studies. If there are any legal documentation or research theories for your products, publish them on your website. It can really boost the trust factor amongst your clients and potential clients. Hire a clinical researcher to create a documented clinical report.
  4. Collect testimonials from your happy patients or customers, whenever possible, in a digital format. Always ask your client to give feedback via email with photographs. Display such testimonials on your ayurvedic website so that it improves the trust level of your business. Video testimonials ranging up to a minute can also do wonders for your business.
  5. Request your clients to rate or review your business. It is essential to get rated on Facebook Locations or Google Business. You can always ask your client to review your Herbal Medicine business publicly. Apart from increasing the trust factor your business will rank better in search results. Higher ratings impact the ranking factors of the business listing.
  6. It is always a good idea to hire a good digital marketing agency and take advantage of their expertise. A digital marketing agency can quickly start promoting your Herbal Medicine / Ayurvedic business online as they have an advantage of their expertise in the field. An experienced digital marketing agency won’t take much time in researching the perfect Herbal Medicine / Ayurvedic marketing strategy online. They are faster than you and can help you to allocate the proper money as and when required

We have 10+ years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry and we can help you scale your business online using our expertise in marketing and customer behaviors to identify the key terms your customers use to look for your products and services. These key terms are then integrated into your online marketing content to raise your rankings in search engine results and match your business with customers who will benefit from your natural and alternative health care services and products. We can develop an Internet marketing strategy that best suits your business’ goals and objectives so you can do what you have set out to do in the natural health care industry.
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